The B2B demand industry is notorious for the multiple challenges faced by marketers and salespeople alike. Here’s a list of challenges you’re probably facing currently along with solutions.

Email Campaigns

How do I make my email campaigns more effective?

Your content MUST go to the right people at the right time, otherwise its loss of opportunity cost.

Our ContentDemand Tool makes this happen very efficiently. We promote your whitepapers, product details, and any other content through our up-to-date channels of communication that we’ve built over the years. The lead data we use is fresh and accurate, making sure that your content is sent to those who are looking for it.

Obsolete Data

How do I tackle obsolete data?

We’re aware of the ramifications of bad lead data and what it can cost you. We’ve put in a lot of effort into making sure that the leads used are 100% valid.

Our TriStep Validation tool ensures that every single lead gets scrutinized on 3 levels of quality before being sent to you.

ABM Strategy

How do I deploy an ABM Strategy?

Flip the traditional funnel with Account-based marketing. Instead of casting an ultra wide net in hope of catching all the fish, go where you know the fishes are swimming around. This is an analogy that supports the essence of Account-Based Marketing. Rather than relying on blanket campaigns, ABM treats individual accounts as markets in their own right.

We’ll help you identify the target companies, engage them with personalized campaigns and build long-lasting relationships that will lead to new opportunities.

All our services support account-based marketing.

Shorten Sales Cycle

How do I shorten my sales cycle?

A shorter sales cycle means more work is done in less time and a more productive sales team. This is a key step toward economizing your expenditure on sales.

We help you find and cater to the right accounts by optimizing your ABM strategy. Couple this with our DialDemand tool and ContentDemand tool and you’re sure to significantly shorten your sales cycle.

Increase Conversion Rates

How do I increase conversion rates?

Poor lead data is one of the biggest causes of low conversion rate. Our telemarketers are trained professionals who filter every lead at 3 levels of scrutiny. Apart from just contact information, we try and extract as much intent data as possible over one phone call, making the lead even more valuable.

If you find that a certain lead was inaccurate, it will be compromised and refunded, no questions asked.

Expand Account Base

How do I expand my account base?

Without a large enough account base, your sales team won’t have a lot of useable material to work with. This is nothing but lost opportunity cost. In order to justify your investment towards the sales team, you need to expand your account base.

Our AccountDemand tool is just the thing to do this. We have access to large amounts of data that you can simply buy off us and put to good use to expand your account base. This is also the perfect place to employ your ABM strategy.

We have a solution for everyone.

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