Real interactions make a world of difference.


Real interactions inspire trust and enable both parties to understand things about each other which they couldn’t have otherwise.

DialDemand is a service that we offer wherein our tele-callers dial potential and identify where they fit in the sales funnel. Using the TriStep Validation tool, the leads go through 3 levels of scrutiny through which we understand if it’s a Marketing Lead, Marketing Intelligence Lead, Marketing Qualified Lead or Sales Qualified Lead.

This helps us filter out the most effective leads and information which is then sent to you. Before these leads reach you, they go they’re inspected by the Team Lead, Quality Assistant and the Delivery Manager. This ensures consistent quality and better ROI.

When we speak to your potential leads, we get an accurate measure of their intent along with other useful information that would otherwise not be available. This intent data is a part of the service, making the leads that much more valuable.



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