Automation-Significant For A Well Run Email Marketing Strategy

Automation-Significant For A Well Run Email Marketing Strategy?

Automation-Significant For A Well Run Email Marketing Strategy? 12 Nov 2021     Nadeem-sajjan

Many marketers believe that email marketing is an old-school strategy now, but numbers talk themselves. If we look at the stats. According to research, shockingly over 269 billion emails are being sent every day across the globe. Email strategies deliver the best ROI for marketing if implemented properly.

A marketing strategy that will gain you new prospects, allow you to introduce your brand by inviting new subscribers, will definitely increase repeat sales too. Clearly ‘Email Marketing’ as a method of communication is here to stay.

What Is Automated Email?

Automation, Rather than simply trying to get a sale out of each email you send, opens great ways to communicate, solely focused on developing and maintaining healthy relationships with prospects. Automation software can provide better ROI and will help you to achieve your customer experience goals.

ESP - Email Service Provider has proven effective in on-boarding new clients, it's an upsell mechanism that provides transparency throughout your email funnel process. Most email tools allow you to personalize the subject lines, body text, and appropriate call-to-action. Your job is to make the user feel they are the sole recipient of your email. So your all manual processes will be automated with the automation of email marketing.

“To give you an example, imagine you want to send emails to your audience when they sign up for an account on your social media platform. A welcome to the website that shows them how to get started adding friends/connections and uploading images in an attempt to get them to become a frequent user.”

Uses Of An Automation Tool:

  1. Segment Your Subscribers
  2. Schedule Your Emails
  3. Connect Your Emails to Customized Landing Pages.
  4. Split Test Your Emails.
  5. Analyze Your Results. (Soft Bounce, Hard Bounce, Clicks, Opens)

How does Automation help In Your Business?

Automation of email marketing strategy can help you in many ways. However, the process of automation can be simple and complex as well at the same time. For your business, you can create email workflows that automatically send emails to subscribers. These workflows within email marketing automation create the most relevant and personalized email messages for your subscribers. Brands can use workflows to strengthen existing relationships with customers to encourage buyers to buy products or services.

Email automation programs run differently as per the business requirement as simple email automation can be made of a few emails that are sent out on a timed basis to all. Some marketers may hesitate to use automated marketing emails fearing the loss of the effectiveness of an email when using automation tools. However, In reality, email automation can help you to learn more about your subscribers and actually make your mailing more personalized and more effective.

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