How ABM Energizes Email Marketing?

How ABM Energizes Email Marketing??

How ABM Energizes Email Marketing?? 9 Nov 2021     Nadeem-sajjan

We saw a great change in the B2B industry. B2B market is always in a different shape, every time you see it.  As the year started new trends have already started to pull ahead of their peers in terms of ROI and it's nearly impossible for an old age strategy to keep up with the modern trends, new marketing trends and strategies are ready to replace the older ones.

You’ve probably heard that email marketing is dying, or even already dead, more than a few times from different people. However, it’s hard to believe, that the strongest medium of communication is not having that Midas touch anymore. How ABM can help email marketing to get back on track still remains one of the most asked questions and to answer a few of the first we need to understand what kind of an approach is required to successfully run ABM alongside email marketing.

“The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good.”  _Seth Godin

What Should Be The Approach?

In the B2b market, the only question that arises frequently while implementing account-based strategies in the organization is the approach, which is required while using ABM with your existing customer base. According to many b2b research giants, for a successful ABM framework and to uplift email marketing campaigns, you don’t really require any innovative approach. You can start with pretargeting the accounts which have a higher tendency to become your potential target or retargeting the potential accounts you already have an understanding with.

Here ABM in a very early stage of the process straightens your email strategy by making your sales and marketing enabled accounts the backbone of it. The next step in ABM is to identify the accounts, and if you are new to the ABM and have not practiced the segmentation before, then this is the right time to go along with the segmentation strategies to get your first set of target accounts so you can market the right people at the right time.

How Does Segmentation Work?

ABM is a relatively flexible framework that provides transparency to the strategies and an easy to adapt method in your organization. The very first step while creating an 'Account-Based Email Marketing' framework is segmentation, which works to filter out the potential accounts from your database.

As it is necessary to identify which campaigns have the most influence over your segmented accounts. With segmentation you can follow the vision of your potential personalized accounts, you can easily track performance metrics and uncover trends across account segments.

Account-based marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. With enlarging their efforts and investments, companies are using the ABM approach to bring sales and marketing together with a significant focus over a greater extent. However, complete transparency is a must so you can adapt to your organization, this will help you to develop account plans while getting insights, increase account interactions, and will also help in measuring the impact of ABM on your email campaigns.

“Using ABM with other marketing methods would definitely be a strategic initiative to energize other dying strategies such as email marketing.”

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